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I am a professional web developer for an exciting website agency in Herefordshire. I specialise in advanced solutions that help companies increase the performance of their web presence or improve their in house efficiency through bespoke web apps. I embrace the label of a web 'generalist' because, over the years, I have gained a broad range of very in-depth knowledge that am pleased to offer to all projects that I'm involved in.

I work full time as the Head of Web at Orphans Press; a friendly company in North Herefordshire that has a long history in the print and web industries, with particular strengths in creative design and marketing.

You can get in touch with me on Twitter as @edjeavons, or by email at contact@edjeavons.co.uk. If you would like to contact me about any web work please do so via orphans.co.uk.

Professional Interests

Emerging industry trends

I love working in such a progressive and open industry. Always wanting to try out and apply new things, I keep on top of trends to make sure that people and businesses I work with are always on the leading edge.

Business web apps

The web is offering SMEs a chance to improve their efficiency with cross platform, rapidly developed applications. I'll dive into the operations of a business to work with them and find the right solutions.

Optimisation through UX

Although a technical programmer, I have a great interest in the psychology of web users and learning how they interact with websites. I apply that to help optimise customer conversions on websites, or produce intuitive web apps.

Business online strategies

I see and understand projects from every angle, always looking for new ideas based on past experiences and new trends. I thrive when able to shape products with my technical insights and help companies avoid expensive pitfalls.

Technical Skill Set

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Websites and web apps written in bespoke code from the ground up using Laravel.



Thorough knowledge of writing efficient client-side code, particularly utilising jQuery.



Structured, semantic code. Written for maximum compatibility and performance.



Beautiful and functional style sheets. Maximising device compatibility in the past, present and future.



Using Drupal as an application framework for flexible needs and unlimited updatability.



High performance data storage to meet application needs using MariaDB and Elasticsearch.



Setting up and managing secure online environments for applications and data.


Web servers

Running Apache or Nginx web servers to meet requirements and perform reliably.


Software Stack

Some of the preferred software in my development workflow.


  • Mac OS X
  • Atom
  • Tower
  • VirtualHostX
  • Many Homebrew goodies!

Workflow Aides

  • Git
  • Composer
  • SASS + Bourbon
  • Gulp
  • Drush


  • Ubuntu Server LTS
  • Apache or Nginx
  • MariaDB
  • Elasticsearch
  • Webmin

Keeping Up To Date

I spend a lot of time with podcasts playing in the background, or flicking through articles in Feedly. Here's a sample of my regular consumption.

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The Laravel Podcast
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The Guardian Tech Weekly
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RSS Feeds
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My main escape from computer screens and code is putting on my walking boots and getting out into the countryside, often with my camera in tow. Although purely a hobbyist, you can find me on Flickr.