Ed Jeavons

Professional Web Developer in Herefordshire, UK

I am a full time web developer, working on all kinds of projects but specialising in bespoke web-based software for businesses.

Every company is unique, with idiosyncrasies that have developed over time to distinguish them in their marketplace. However this also makes for special software requirements when looking to streamline operations and as a result businesses will often benefit in having bespoke tools created to meet their established inner workings.

The relatively rapid development that comes with web software (not to mention the ease of rolling it out to staff & customers) has made it possible for more companies to commission their own application development.

Bespoke software has the ultimate flexibility and, if well designed, its simplicity greatly reduces staff training time and ongoing support costs.

Key skills

I have a keen interest in developing software that's ultimately as productive and intuitive as possible for end users; just ticking off a list of core features is not enough. The psychology of the people using it is considered every step of the way.

I have years of commercial experience in engineering complicated web software, developing consumer-facing websites, and designing/developing user interfaces.

Through my employment I also have a thorough knowledge of commercial print systems and I have had the opportunity to produce some interesting software for that sector.

Some examples of work include:

  • A CMS framework now in use by 100+ small/medium websites
  • E-commerce platform with back office software integration (used by 40+ online businesses)
  • CMS adaptions for international & multilingual websites
  • Print/design job management software
  • Dynamic design-to-press workflow system
  • A large corporate intranet for a international company
  • Various websites with elements linking to existing back-office systems

Get in touch

I work full time for Orphans Press in Leominster, Herefordshire. I've been the Lead Developer at Orphans since 2005. If you would like to get in touch regarding a development project please do so via our company website: http://orphans.co.uk.

If you would like to contact me direct you will find me on Twitter or you can send me an email using the buttons on this page.